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Innerwear brand D'chica secures Rs 80 lakhs funding on Shark Tank India S3

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D'Chica Secures Funding on Shark Tank India Season 3

D'Chica Secures Funding on Shark Tank India Season 3

D'chica is an innovative brand aimed at teen girls and young women, focusing on innerwear that promotes confidence and comfort. The brand offers a range of products, including bras, camisoles, panties, and period panties. 

D'chica has quickly become not only a favourite among its target demographic but also among its mothers, highlighting its broad appeal and the trust it has garnered.

Founders and their journey

Richa and Vani, sisters-in-law from Delhi, co-founded D'chica. Their journey began with a failed venture in Kidswear, which resulted in significant financial loss. However, this setback served as a valuable learning experience, leading them to identify a market gap in teen and young women's innerwear.


Leveraging Richa's background in fashion business from Pearl Academy and Vani's experience in media and communication consultancy, they launched D'Chica in 2020, aiming to fill this gap with products that cater specifically to the needs and preferences of their target audience.

How does it work

D'chica operates with a dual focus on online and offline sales channels, including partnerships with major online retailers and expansion into general trade and special interest stores like army canteens.

The startup has established five manufacturing units, with one in-house, to ensure quality control and supply chain efficiency. Their approach combines direct consumer engagement through social media and school activations, allowing them to build a community and directly address the needs and concerns of their audience.

Products info

According to the founders, the product line is designed with the understanding that teen girls and young women require innerwear that accommodates their changing bodies and provides comfort without sacrificing style.

D'chica's offerings stand out for their quality fabric, absence of uncomfortable hooks, and designs that cater to the specific needs of their demographic, such as bras with adjustable sizing and period panties designed for comfort and convenience.

Market size

The innerwear market for women, particularly in the teen and young adult segments, is substantial yet underserved. While exact figures for this niche are not detailed, the broader women's innerwear market presents a significant opportunity for growth. D'chica aims to capture a portion of this market by addressing the unique needs of its target demographic, which are often overlooked by larger brands.

Shark Tank India pitch

In a compelling pitch, the founders of 'D'chica' sought an investment of Rs 80 lakh in exchange for a 1% stake, valuing the company at Rs 80 crore. Demonstrating their belief in the company's future, the two co-founders negotiated a final deal with investors Namita Thapar and Vineeta Singh, securing Rs 80 lakh for a 2% stake.

Additionally, they agreed to a 1% royalty until the investment is repaid, at a revised valuation of 40 crores.

Future plans

D'chica aims to be the top choice for teenage girls and young women looking for comfortable, fashionable, and confidence-enhancing innerwear. The founders plan to achieve this by adding more products, improving manufacturing, and increasing online and offline presence.