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"It only fuels the fire in our bellies": Anand Mahindra reacts to user who trolled Mahindra by calling them trash cars"

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Anand Mahindra

Billionaire Anand Mahindra recently reacted to a post by a user named 'Arnav Srivastava' on X, criticizing the Mahindra XUV 3XO by saying it "can't compete with Japanese and Americans in their own land."

"Your cars can't compete with Japanese or Americans in their own land. Enjoy import substitution policies while they last. Mahindra will disappear as tariffs get reduced. Trash cars," the user wrote in reply to Anand Mahindra's MahindraXUV3XO launch post on X.

The post, which gained over 1.4 million views, caught Anand Mahindra’s attention, and he responded, thanking the user for his 'skepticism.'


"Thank you for your skepticism. It only fuels the fire in our bellies. I was told exactly the same thing when I joined the company in 1991. Global consultants advised us to exit the industry. We were told the same thing when Toyota and other global giants in the UV space entered India. But we’re still around. Every day is a fight for survival. And we relish it," Mahindra wrote in response to Arnav's post. 

"We hope to be around for the next 100 years, still fighting—every single day—for your approval," he added.

Netizens reactions

"Here's from me. The XUV 700 is awesome. I waited 13 months for it. Fully worth it. After a long series of test drives, found this better than some of the European biggies in the space. I actually chose it over some of them and chose to wait. Don't let them get you down," Capitalmind CEO Deepak Shenoy wrote.