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'It's risky for their life and nightmare for car owners: Delhi man on Zomato delivery agents without helmets

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Delhi man on Zomato delivery agents without helmets

In a recent incident, a Delhi man named Siddharth Bhatia, who goes by the username @.turthsonu, posted a video on X showing a Zomato delivery agent riding an electric bike without a helmet.

"You've created a hazardous situation on Delhi's roads where Zomato delivery personnel operate without helmets, take incorrect routes, and drive recklessly to deliver food quickly," he said, adding, "It is risky for their lives and a nightmare for car owners."

In response, Zomato said, "Safety is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring our delivery partners ride responsibly. We appreciate you pointing this out, and we will be focusing on this issue to address it. Thanks for being vigilant, and we'll continue working towards safer roads!" 


Watch the video below: