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'Jisko Gussa Aata Tha Woh Gaya': Anupam Mittal mocks former shark Ashneer Grover

Sumit Vishwakarma
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anupam mittal mocks ashneer grover

In a recent episode of Shark Tank India Season 3, the founder of The Rage Room, Pusarla Venkat Suraj, presented his unique anger management solution.

Suraj's pitch, aimed at offering a space for individuals to vent their frustrations through controlled destruction, caught the attention of the Sharks.

Anupam Mittal lightened the mood by joking, "Jisko gussa aata tha woh gaya (The short-tempered one has left)," referencing a former Shark, which elicited laughter among the panellists.

Suraj, hailing from Hyderabad, sought an investment of Rs 20 lakh for a 30% equity stake in his business. He shared his personal battle with anger management, revealing his history of breaking things, including going through his 30th phone. The concept behind The Rage Room is to provide a safe and controlled environment for people to express and release their anger, using recycled materials for the destruction activities.


The Sharks, intrigued by the concept, decided to experience The Rage Room firsthand. Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal stepped into the room, with Anupam Mittal remarking, "You guys need to have it out anyways."

Post-experience, Aman humorously commented that it only aggravated his anger, to which Suraj explained it as pent-up frustration being released.

Namita Thapar expressed her concerns regarding the promotion of The Rage Room as a solution to anger issues. She emphasized the importance of addressing mental health responsibly, suggesting alternatives like yoga, pranayam, meditation, or counselling.

The Sharks collectively agreed on the necessity of scientific proof to validate such a business model as a profitable and responsible venture.

Failed to secure investment from sharks 

Despite the innovative pitch and the unique experience provided to the Sharks, The Rage Room did not secure an investment.

Suraj reflected on the experience positively, valuing the exposure and feedback received. He remains determined to push forward with his vision, cherishing the unforgettable experience and lessons learned from pitching on Shark Tank India.

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