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KRAFTON's India unit launches inaugural cohort under gaming incubator

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KRAFTON's India unit launches inaugural cohort

KRAFTON, the South Korean game developer behind PUBG, has initiated the first cohort under its KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI).

The program is designed to nurture local talent in India, offering mentorship, guidance, and financial support to develop high-quality game titles. 

Fostering the gaming ecosystem in India 

“The launch of KIGI’s first cohort marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering the gaming ecosystem in India. It consists of some of the most promising game developers from various corners of India. The selected start-ups stand out not only for their innovative gaming concepts but also for their determination to redefine the gaming landscape. We are eager to embark on this journey with them, providing tailored support and resources to amplify their success,” said Anuj Sahani, the head of the KRAFTON Incubator Program and Advisor for the India Publishing Department.


Sahani highlighted the incubation of two companies so far: Nagaland's ReDimmension Games and Bengaluru's Shura Games. With an eye on expanding, KRAFTON is reviewing additional applications for a larger second cohort, it said.

Differentiating from others 

In a landscape where incubator programs are becoming increasingly common, KIGI distinguishes itself through KRAFTON's global expertise and commitment to the Indian gaming ecosystem.

Sahani emphasizes KRAFTON's unique position, backed by its successful global products and a robust mentorship pool from its international studios. The program aims not just to incubate but to uplift the entire gaming ecosystem in India, ensuring the development of games that meet global standards.

The support framework

KIGI offers an extensive support system to its incubatees, including a six—to twelve-month mentorship period and a grant of $50,000 to $150,000.

The program is open to a wide array of game types, excluding real-money gaming and betting, and is focused on companies registered in India. With around 200 applications received, KIGI reflects a growing interest among Indian developers in exploring beyond mobile games to PC and console titles, signalling a maturing gaming development landscape in India.

Innovative games on the horizon

The incubator has already seen the selection of two startups: ReDimension Games, working on an action-adventure game "Sojourn Past" set for a 2024 release, and Shura Games, which introduced "Spice Secrets," a mobile game that combines culinary adventures with puzzle challenges. 

KRAFTON has invested $140 million in 11 Indian startups, including One Impression, Kuku FM, Nautilus, and FRND.