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'This is basically a bribe': Man looking for internship delivers Pizza along with CV, CEO reacts...

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Man looking for internship delivers Pizza along with CV

In the competitive world of job hunting, candidates are constantly looking for unique ways to make an impression. From adding vibrant visuals to resumes to creating engaging online portfolios, creativity abounds.

But one individual really raised the bar by delivering his job application along with pizza and a note to a company's office.

The CEO of the New York-based startup Antimetal, Matthew Parkhurst, was so impressed by this applicant that he posted about him on X (formerly Twitter).

"Another internship application - came to our office and dropped off a pizza with his resume," Matt wrote on X.


He added, "Even pushed a PR to fix two links in our docs prior." The applicant's initiative was so impressive that Matt promised, "100% getting an interview." 

Check out the David's note below

The note reads, "Hey, Antimetal team. Congrats on the recent launch! Inspired by Antimetal's brief stint as a slices as a service company, please enjoy this pizza. I've also brought a copy of my resume for the engineering intern position. I am super excited by the opportunity and am driven to do what it takes."

The applicant, David, cleverly used the pizza as a "bribe" to get the hiring team to check out his work by visiting his website.

"This is basically a bride for you to go to my site. I've made a small PR to fix some links in your docs," he wrote.

Man looking for internship delivers Pizza

Netizens reaction

The post, first shared on May 1, has since garnered over 550,000 views and 4,000 likes. Many took to the comment section to express their thoughts.