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Man sues Zomato after it delivers fresh kebab from Lucknow to Gurugram in 30 minutes; Here's why

Jaya Vishwakarma
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customer sues zomato

In a twist that sounds more like a plot from a modern-day fable, a customer from Gurugram found himself in disbelief and subsequently in a courtroom after ordering food from Zomato.

Imagine this: you're sitting at home, you decide to order a meal from a restaurant located a whopping 500 kilometers away, and then, to your utter astonishment, the food arrives at your doorstep, not just on time but "fresh and hot" within 30 minutes.



This is not a tale of teleportation but the curious case of Sourav Mall, a 24-year-old Zomato patron, whose experience with the food delivery giant's "Legends" policy led him to sue the company.

Zomato launched the "Legends" policy in 2022. The policy assures customers the ability to order iconic dishes from far-flung restaurants across India, with the assurance of next-day delivery through partnerships with commercial airlines and logistics partners. 

However, Mall's experience raised eyebrows and questions about the authenticity of Zomato's claims.

After receiving his order from Lucknow to Gurugram in an impossibly quick time, Mall suspected that the food was not actually being transported from the restaurant but was instead being stored at various Zomato warehouses or locations closer to him.

Taking his suspicions to court, Mall has demanded a ban on Zomato's "Legends" policy, accusing it of fake claims and promises.

The court has since issued a summons to Zomato in the case. Mall's advocates argue that the food packaging's claims of being "freshly prepared" and using "mobile refrigeration technology" are misleading, challenging the very foundation of Zomato's service promise. 

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