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Mark Zuckerberg shares video of him playing guitar, AI predicts clip's missing parts'

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Mark Zuckerberg shares video of him playing guitar

Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire CEO of Meta, recently took to Instagram to showcase the capabilities of Meta's latest artificial intelligence (AI) model, V-JEPA, by sharing a throwback video of himself playing guitar and singing for his daughter, Maxima.

The video, which quickly captured the attention of Instagram users, has already got over 50,000 likes and nearly 2,500 comments.

In the post, Zuckerberg explained that the video was an experiment with V-JEPA, a "non-generative model that learns by predicting missing or masked parts of a video in an abstract representation space."


He highlighted the AI's ability to predict his hand movements while strumming chords, a task it accomplished without specific training for this type of analysis. The post included two videos: the original clip of Zuckerberg with Maxima and a second video demonstrating the AI model's predictions.

V-JEPA, or Video Joint Embedding Predictive Architecture, represents a significant advancement in predictive analysis, learning entirely from visual media. It can understand the content of a video and anticipate future actions.

Meta developed V-JEPA using a novel masking technology that removes or obscures parts of the video, forcing the model to predict both the current and subsequent frames. This technology allows V-JEPA to analyze videos up to 10 seconds in length, demonstrating a high level of accuracy in action recognition tasks, according to Meta.

The unveiling of V-JEPA shows how Meta is continuing its focus towads innovation in AI and machine learning. Earlier this week, Meta explained the model's capabilities, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize how AI understands and interacts with video content.

Netizens reactions

Public reaction to Zuckerberg's post was mixed, with comments ranging from admiration of the technology to concerns about its implications for the future. Some users marveled at the AI's capabilities, calling it a "game changer," while others expressed unease, pondering the necessity of human roles in a future dominated by advanced AI.

"Love that you're giving people access to your human side and humanizing the value of Meta innovations / tech," a user wrote. 

"Now that’s a cool AI model 🤖," a user wrote. 

"zuck out here training MMA, playing guitar for his kids, and testing AI models that observes the world through video 👁️👄👁️," another wrote. 

What is V-JEPA?

V-JEPA, which stands for Video Joint Embedding Predictive Architecture, is a cutting-edge AI model designed to understand and predict actions in videos by observing and analyzing them. This model learns in a way that's somewhat similar to how humans and even animals learn from their environment, through observation and understanding the outcomes of various actions without needing explicit instructions.