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Meesho forways into logistics; launches Valmo to provide low-cost supply chain solutions

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Meesho forways into logistics

E-commerce unicorn Meesho has ventured into the logistics space as it has launched Valmo, a logistics marketplace designed to transform India's supply chain dynamics. 

Unlike traditional logistics operations, Valmo stands out by not investing in physical assets like trucks and warehouses. Instead, it focuses on aggregating various logistics providers to offer their services through a technology-driven platform.

According to Meesho, The new platform aims to lower logistic costs by 5% compared to existing third-party logistics firms, making it a cost-effective solution for sellers.

A platform for small entrepreneurs


Valmo is not just a logistics service; it's a platform for "small entrepreneurs" to run logistics operations under Meesho's umbrella. The company is committed to providing these entrepreneurs with customer service and monitoring support, ensuring a seamless delivery process.

The approach allows Meesho to leverage a network of over 3,000 small businesses and several large firms for sorting and warehousing, emphasizing the importance of small teams in their logistics chain.

Collaborative growth and technology integration

Meesho's strategy involves collaboration with leading logistics companies and SaaS providers to enhance Valmo's technological capabilities. By partnering with firms like ElasticRun, FarEye, LoadShare, and Shipsy, Meesho aims to create an efficient logistics ecosystem that empowers local players and fosters job creation. 

Expanding reach and impact

Valmo has already made significant strides by managing over 9 lakh daily orders, contributing to 18% of third-party e-commerce shipments in India. The platform supports 3,000 local logistics entrepreneurs, covering 6,000 pin codes across more than 20 states, and has generated 35,000 indirect jobs.

The expansion reflects Meesho's ambition to double Valmo's order share in the next 12 months, further solidifying its position in the logistics industry.

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