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MG India, HPCL partners to enhance EV charging network across India

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update
MG India, HPCL partners

MG Motor India and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) have entered into a strategic partnership to enhance India's EV charging infrastructure.

The collaboration involves installing 50kW/60kW DC fast chargers at key locations across highways and cities in India.

The initiative is aimed at making EV charging more convenient for users, particularly during long-distance and intercity commutes.

How will the new charging network be implemented?


The chargers will be compatible with the CCS 2 charging standard, which is used by vehicles like the MG ZS EV. MG customers will be able to access these charging stations through the MyMG App and can also find them using HPCL’s integrated network discovery tool.

The partnership aims to ensure that EV users across the country have easy access to charging solutions by leveraging HPCL's vast network of over 22,000 fuel stations.

Aiming to increase the availability of EV chargers

MG Motor India and HPCL aim to increase the availability of EV chargers, thereby boosting customer confidence in electric vehicles.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Growth Officer at MG Motor India, emphasized the importance of a robust EV ecosystem for the successful transition to electric mobility.

He highlighted that MG has been at the forefront of developing this ecosystem, including battery recycling and second-life solutions for sustainability.

Rajdip Ghosh, Chief General Manager at HPCL, stated that the company plans to install around 5,000 EV charging stations by December 2024, using the vehicle base of MG to enhance the utilization of these chargers.

Expanding EV charging network

MG Motor India has been a significant player in the EV market, partnering with several service providers to expand the EV charging network.

For instance, in December last year, MG teamed up with Zeon to offer more than 300 chargers across India. This partnership with HPCL is another step towards creating a comprehensive and accessible EV charging infrastructure.

MG Motor currently has over 12,000 EV charging stations in the country, reflecting its commitment to supporting EV users.

Offering additional incentives to EV users

According to the company, Customers using these charging stations will receive loyalty rewards and exclusive promotions to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

The initiative is part of the broader effort to promote electric mobility and make it more appealing to consumers. HPCL's extensive network and commitment to green fuel are expected to significantly contribute to the adoption of electric vehicles in India.