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Momo shop offers Rs 25,000 salary for helper, Netizens says 'Applying right now'

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Momo shop offers Rs 25,000 salary for helper

A viral job ad from a momo shop is breaking the internet by offering a whopping Rs 25,000 for a helper-cum-worker, outpacing the packages that the average Indian college offers.

"Damn, this local momo shop is offering a better package than the average college in India these days," an X user named Amrita Singh (Puttuboy25) wrote, sharing a picture of the shop. 

Written in Hindi, when translated to English, the job posting reads, “One helper-cum-maker required. Salary - Rs 25,000”. The photo also shows a part of the shop showing various containers on a slab.


Netizens reaction

The post, first shared on April 8, has gone viral with over 90,000 views and over 2,000 likes. What's more interesting about the post is that netizens are rushing to apply for the job.

"The reality that no one shows," wrote an X user.

"Applying right now," added another.

"Money + free momos to eat daily," joked a third.

"India wants to know… where is it located?" asked a fourth.