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E-Mobility firm Motovolt Mobility partners with ZEVO to deploy 5000 M7 electric scooters

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update

E-Mobility firm Motovolt Mobility has partnered with ZEVO to introduce 5,000 M7 electric scooters. The partnership focuses on enhancing urban mobility and last-mile logistics. 

ZEVO, known for its tech-enabled logistics solutions, aims to leverage this partnership to improve efficiency and sustainability in e-commerce, quick commerce, and food tech industries.

It aims to address cost and timeline challenges while promoting environmental responsibility.

Offerings range up to 166 Km


The M7 e-scooter, the flagship model from Motovolt, boasts a range of up to 166 km on a single charge. 

It is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, providing a warranty of 3 years or 60,000 km. This ensures reliability and peace of mind for users.

The M7 is packed with innovative features such as an inbuilt IoT tracker, IP67-rated battery pack, remote lock-unlock, anti-theft alarm, USB charger, disc brakes, and an LCD display.

Leadership comments

Motovolt and ZEVO share a vision of promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) for various delivery needs, contributing to a more sustainable future in urban mobility.

Tushar Choudhary, Founder and CEO of Motovolt Mobility, said, "Through this strategic partnership with ZEVO, we aim to promote the adoption of EVs for all kinds of deliveries. The M7 e-scooter represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future in the realm of urban mobility."

Aditya Singh Ratnu, Founder and CEO of ZEVO, added, "We aim to deliver advanced logistics solutions that prioritize both efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our collaboration with Motovolt resonates with our mission to pave the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in the realm of last-mile logistics."

Reducing emissions

According to the company, The M7 e-scooter is designed to reduce emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Its efficient design and features help minimize its carbon footprint, making it a practical alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

The collaboration between Motovolt and ZEVO emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly solutions in urban transportation, aiming to improve the overall urban infrastructure in India. The M7’s innovative technology and sustainable design are set to revolutionize urban commuting and last-mile logistics.