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MSys Technologies partners with Boomi for advanced digital solutions

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update

MSys Technologies has announced a partnership with Boomi, a front-runner in cloud integration and data management solutions.

The partnership aims to redefine the digital transformation journey for businesses, offering an advanced integration platform aimed at propelling organizations into a new era of hyper-connectivity.

The fusion of MSys Technologies' innovative digital solutions with Boomi's esteemed integration platform signifies a leap towards dismantling data silos and fostering seamless data flow across applications, thus enabling businesses to fully harness the power of their data.

Tackling the challenge of data silos


In the digital age, one of the most pressing challenges for businesses is the underutilization of data due to the existence of data silos. These silos, resulting from isolated applications, obstruct the flow of valuable insights that are crucial for informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

A report by VentureBeat highlights that knowledge workers spend approximately 29% of their workweek in search of necessary information, underscoring the inefficiencies caused by fragmented data landscapes.

The MSys-Boomi partnership aims to address this issue directly by facilitating real-time connectivity and optimized workflows through Boomi's integration solutions.

Leadership comments 

Dhwanit Shah, Senior Vice President – Digital Solutions at MSys Technologies, emphasizes the strategic value of the partnership, stating, "Our partnership with Boomi serves as a strategic catalyst for IT transformation. It enables seamless integration of applications and services, accelerating our modernization journey and unlocking the power of data. These deep customer and market insights will empower businesses to be agile and responsive, capitalizing on market trends and creating new revenue streams."

Sreenivasan Pylore, Vice President of global sales—digital Business at MSys, said, “MSys and Boomi Partnership will enable Customers to expedite their Digital transformation and take further the Digital journey and open new markets for both. MSys is known to provide cutting-edge solutions and solve complex technology problems of Customers. Boomi has crossed over $500 Millions revenue market last year and has kicked off their new financial year.” 

Accelerated digital transformation

The collaboration between MSys Technologies and Boomi is poised to deliver significant benefits to clients, including accelerated digital transformation, intelligent integrated experiences, enhanced customer value, and maximized efficiency and revenue growth opportunities.