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Mumbai doctor orders ice cream online, shocked to find an extra topping of a human finger

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Mumbai doctor orders ice cream online

In a recent shocking incident, Mumbai-based doctor Orlem Brandon Serrao ordered Yummo ice cream online but received an unexpected extra topping—a human finger. 

According to media reports, Dr. Serrao had asked his sister to include some ice cream while ordering groceries from the newly minted unicorn startupZepto

However, he got more than he bargained for. He was left traumatized when he felt something in his mouth that seemed to be a nut but turned out to be a finger.

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While sharing his experience on the internet, Dr. Serrao stated he did not swallow the human finger.

"I had ordered three cone ice creams from an app. One of them was a butterscotch ice cream from the Yummo brand. After eating half of it, I felt a solid piece in my mouth. I thought it could be a nut or a chocolate piece and spat it out to see what it was," said Dr. Serrao.

"As a doctor, I recognize how body parts look. When I carefully examined it, I noticed the nails and fingerprint impressions on it. It resembled a thumb. I am traumatized," he added.

Dr. Serrao immediately placed the object in an ice pack to show to the police and filed a complaint with the Malad police.

“We received a complaint stating that a piece of flesh was found in the ice cream ordered online. We have taken the piece of flesh for investigation. A case under sections 272, 273, and 336 of the Indian Penal Code, has been registered against the ice cream company. We are investigating the case,” said Ravi Adane, Senior Police Inspector, Malad Police Station.

A case has now been registered against Yummo for food adulteration and endangering human life.

The police have sent the ice cream for investigation and the finger for forensic analysis.

What did the company say?

As the matter escalated, Yummo Ice Creams stated that it would cooperate with the authorities in the investigation.

"We have stopped manufacturing at this third-party facility, isolated the said product at the facility and our warehouses, and are in the process of doing the same at the market level," a company spokesperson said.

"Product quality and safety being our highest priority we were in process to address the situation, meanwhile the matter was escalated, and an official Police complaint was filed by the customer," the company said.

Yummo Ice Creams, which was launched in 2012, was co-founded by Walko Food Co. Ltd.