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My father was my 1st customer, he gave me seed capital to trade, says Nithin Kamath

Vivek Vishwakarma
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nithin kamath on his father

Billionaire co-founder & CEO of Zerodha, India's largest stock brokerage firm, Nithin Kamath, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a story of his father and his supportive role in his and Nikhil's professional journey.

Kamath, known for his candid reflections on success and its underlying factors, emphasized the often-understated element of luck, starting from the circumstances of one's birth to the support of family.

"None of the success that's ascribed to us would have happened without my father," Kamath tweeted, highlighting his father's dual role as a cheerleader and a customer in his various entrepreneurial endeavours.


He further wrote that his father was not only the biggest cheerleader but also the first customer "whenever we attempted something. In a way, he was our VC."

His father's unwavering support began with providing the initial seed capital for Kamath's trading ventures, extending to being the first customer in his multi-level marketing, sub-brokerage, and portfolio management businesses.

"He supported us in anything that we tried, no matter how foolish it seemed in hindsight. All of this with the limited resources he had access to," he wrote.

One of the most emotional moments in Kamath's career occurred when he was invited to speak at Canara Bank, where his father had dedicated his entire career. With his father in the audience, Kamath's speech moved both him and his father to tears, a testament to their deep emotional bond and shared journey.

"He gave his whole life to the bank and helped many small businessmen without any expectations. He saw the success of his customers as his own success. He embodied the traditional Indian middle-class values that hopefully we both can stick with throughout our lives, even when he is no longer with us to guide us.

Kamath added that his father's values will continue to guide him and his brother even in his absence.

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