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The education system has completely transcended and transformed in the past two years as a result of the virus outbreak, the sudden shift from physical classrooms to online classrooms Some are questioning if online learning usage would continue post-pandemic, and how such a transition might affect the global education sector.

Learning can be more effective in a variety of ways when done online. According to several studies, students who learn online retain 25-60% more content than those who learn in a classroom retain only 8-10%.

This is primarily due to students’ ability to learn more quickly online; e-learning takes 40-60% less time than traditional classroom learning since students may learn at their own pace, going back and re-reading, skipping, or accelerating through subjects needed. The efficiency of online learning, however, differs by age group.

The Indian educational technology ecosystem commonly known as the EdTech space has a lot of room for EdTech innovation. The market is poised for exponential expansion, with over 4,500 start-ups and present worth of roughly $700 million – projections anticipate a market size of $30 billion in the next ten years. In truth, there are several examples of grassroots creativity.

Technology has enormous promise in enabling greater customisation of education and promoting educational productivity by increasing learning rates, lowering instructional material and service delivery costs at scale, and better using teacher/instructor time.

MyWays, an emerging education technology platform, is creating something different and unique which can be disruptive in the Indian ed-tech community. MyWays is an exception: a Personalized Career Growth Platform for Techies powered by Artificial Intelligence and Psychometrics.


MyWays was founded by Samyak Jain, an IIT Delhi graduate, during the Covid outbreak, when the entire world came to a halt. It was a time when the educational system was in complete disarray, and job insecurity was becoming a major source of concern for many people.

The startup has aided more 40,000 students, and the figure continues to rise month after month. It helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses and prepare for various tech positions with the use of cutting-edge tools like the Employment-Positioning-System.

It includes a list of internships, courses, and mentorship opportunities that can assist people to bridge the gap and improve their employability.

They took a step forward by introducing the MyWays Jobs Portal. The innovative hiring platform uses AI and machine learning to make the hiring process go more smoothly. It also makes recommendations to recruiters for the best-fit prospects.

It has been progressing forward in a self-sustaining way since receiving incubation from the DIC (IIT DELHI) and DST-GOI. It has partnered with more than 500 employers, 250 colleges, and offered more than 5000 courses and seminars to its students to date. The company is working to create a customised virtual hub where students can follow their own learning path to advance in their chosen industries.


Samyak’s batchmate once said this while in a conversation with him” If you can’t give two months of life to things you want to achieve, then forget about giving your entire life to it” this transformed his life completely and shaped his perspective and life.

Samyak Jain, who dropped from IIT Placements to reshape Career Exploration with AI, he always knew he wanted to do something in the education industry. He was well aware of the pressures that students face in terms of their employment possibilities.

He attended a VIF-funded Boot Camp while in his first year of engineering at IIT Delhi. He got to put an idea to the test there; he wrote “Schoollege: Connecting Schools and Colleges’ ‘ on a piece of chart paper and asked delegates to put a star-sticker on it if they liked it; the chart was quickly covered with stars.

Shortly after the Bootcamp, he attended an entrepreneurship programme in Madhya Pradesh, and his desire to turn an idea into reality grew even stronger.

MyWays came into existence because Samyak understood the pressures a student faces when making career decisions because he/she is in a competitive zone already. There are so many fields to choose from in today’s world, unfortunately, students are unaware of all the different streams of education they can pursue, so they get pressured by their family into the few known streams that are available thus they are again in a state of huge competition.

Samyak founded MyWays to assist students who were facing similar difficulties.

Samyak says “Startups are easy, starting is tough,” well indeed taking the first step is always daunting. He knew what he wanted and he didn’t sit for his placements also, it was very challenging for him because he was clueless as to how to start, where to start. But his vision of leveraging technology in the education space kept him going, he had immense faith in himself and his vision.

Today MyWays is a successful endeavour and it’s growing every day, with new challenges every day is thrilling, Samyak believes that MyWays will keep growing as long as its team members keep growing.

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