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Namma Yatri launches zero commission cabs in Bengaluru

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Namma Yatri launches of zero commission cabs in Bengaluru

Namma Yatri, a people-first mobility app, has announced the launch of cab services in Bengaluru

Addressing the prevalent issues of high commissions and lack of transparency, Namma Yatri said it is dedicated to a lifetime zero-commission, direct-to-driver model. The strategic shift enhances driver income and fosters improved vehicle maintenance and elevated customer experiences.

Dr Ramalinga Reddy, Minister of Transport and Muzrai, Govt. of Karnataka, inaugurated the event and said, “I am proud to inaugurate this milestone event for Namma Yatri, Karnataka's own homegrown app. Their community-centric approach and pioneering efforts in driver welfare set a commendable precedent. I applaud their commitment to innovation, transparency, and inclusivity and wish them success with the cab service launch”.

What does Namma Yatri do?


Namma Yatri operates within the ONDC network, offering 100% open data and open-source code. It claims to be the first app to embrace the latest Pricing Guidelines set forth by the Karnataka Government. 

Namma Yatri's cabs, like its autos, prioritize transparency and efficiency. It offers cab services—non-AC Mini, AC Mini, Sedan, and XL Cab—catering to diverse customer needs. The non-AC Mini Cab addresses frequent misunderstandings between drivers and customers regarding AC usage. 

It sets clear service expectations and competitive pricing for budget-conscious customers while promoting eco-friendly rides.

Introducing intercity, rentals, and scheduled rides

The app will soon introduce intercity, rentals, and scheduled rides and open across Karnataka. It will also accommodate special requests like disability-friendly rides, extra luggage, travelling with pets, and trips to public transport hubs.

Magizhan Selvan, Chief Executive Officer at Namma Yatri, emphasized, "Namma Yatri isn't merely an app; it represents a transformative approach to addressing mobility challenges on a large scale. We are dedicated to empowering drivers through cutting-edge technology at an optimal cost, fostering satisfaction among both drivers and commuters." 

Namma Yatri growth

Namma Yatri said it has 25,000 cab drivers and aims to onboard over 1 lakh drivers in the next six months. The app is known for fast pickups, low cancellations, affordable prices, and reliable service.

"We have received strong support from the cab driver community. Our driver wellness programs, initiatives for safety and sakkath-service are adapted for the cab driver community. Ensuring driver satisfaction translates directly into providing the best service to valued customers," Selvan said.