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Netcon Technologies partners with Nikitek to revolutionize airport baggage handling

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Netcon Technologies, a global leader in IT infrastructure, has recently invested an undisclosed sum in Nikitek, a dynamic tech startup based in Pune. The partnership aims to digitally transform airport baggage handling systems to enhance the passenger travel experience. 

Advancements in baggage handling

Nikitek has introduced a revolutionary product, godigitag, which is India's first electronic baggage tag. According to the company, the tag replaces traditional paper tags with a digital version with the aim to make travel more seamless and environmentally friendly. 

Travellers can activate these tags at home or upon airport arrival by tapping their mobile device on the tag, which immediately captures all necessary baggage details. This process reduces time spent at check-in counters, streamlining the travel process.


Financial and strategic goals

The funds from Netcon's investment will be utilized by Nikitek for various purposes including technological enhancements, market entry strategies, and integrating value-added services (VAS). Both companies are looking to capture a significant share of the $5 billion airport baggage handling market, with a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency in aviation.

Leadership comments

“Our strategic investment in Nikitek marks a significant stride in making air travel more accessible, sustainable and efficient,” said Mahalingam Ramasamy, Founder & Managing Director of Netcon Technologies. “Through this ingenious technology, we will transform baggage handling into a hassle-free experience for both passengers, airlines and airports while advancing our net zero carbon goals and solidifying our position as a leader in aviation solutions.”

“The future of aviation is digital, sustainable and hyper-personalized. Our partnership with Nikitek will unlock a new era of seamless travel, where technology empowers passengers, airlines and airports to work in perfect harmony,” said Mr. Ashiq, CEO of Netcon Technologies. “This is just the beginning of our shared mission to redefine the travel experience for generations to come.”

“This strategic investment from Netcon will revolutionize the way we approach baggage handling,” said Vinod Philips, Founder & CEO of Nikitek. “Our shared vision of driving innovation and sustainability in airline operations is set to deliver a future of seamless, digitally enhanced and eco-friendly travel experiences.”

The strategic advisors to the transaction are Investment Banking team from Zaikenn Technologies and Sujeet Mukherjee from 99 Million Partners.