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Netradyne, an AI-tech services provider, partners with GreenLine Mobility Solutions

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Netradyne partners with greenline mobility

Netradyne, an AI-tech services provider, said it has partnered with GreenLine Mobility Solutions, a leader in LNG-powered heavy trucking logistics.

According to a PTI report, the partnership aims to boost fleet and driver safety by integrating Netradyne's advanced vision-based technology, Driver.i, into GreenLine's eco-friendly truck fleet.

Leveraging intelligent edge computing

Driver.i by Netradyne leverages intelligent edge computing to enable real-time assessment of driving behaviour. Notably, the technology provides comprehensive insights for fleet managers, identifying areas for improvement.


The data-driven approach of Driver.i facilitates automated and targeted training programs, aiming to elevate overall safety measures in GreenLine's fleet operations, the report said.

Enhancing driver safety

Anand Mimani, CEO of GreenLine Mobility Solutions, said, "This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to advancing safety standards within the logistics sector and contributing to India's logistics decarbonisation. By integrating Netradyne’s Driver•i, our objective is to bolster driver safety, creating a secure environment for our dedicated drivers while delivering superior service excellence to our customers."

Environmental impact of GreenLine's LNG trucks

GreenLine claims that its LNG trucks are safer and also environmentally friendly as they showcase up to a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions, complete elimination of SOx, a 59% decrease in NOx emissions, a substantial 91% reduction in Particulate Matter emissions, and a 70% decrease in CO emissions compared to diesel trucks. 

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