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'I don't want to ruin 20 years of my life babysitting, what if they leave?': Kamath on why he doesn't want children

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Nikhil Kamath explains why he doesnt want children

Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamath, in his WTF podcast, said that he does not think that having children is required to continue his "legacy."

Billionaire Kamath said that he does not want to spend two decades of his life "babysitting" in the hope that his children will treat him well when he gets old.

"This is also partly why I don't have kids. I'm going to ruin 18-20 years of my life babysitting this child and then if luck serves me right, the reverse will happen at some point. What if he says 'scr** you' at 18 and leave anyway," Kamath explained.

Talking about the idea of “legacy”, he said that he has no belief in the idea, asserting, “I think we all feel that we are more important than we actually are... you are born and you die like every other animal on the planet and then you are gone and nobody remembers anybody.”


"What's the point in being remembered (after death)? I feel like you should come, you should live well, you should be nice to the people you meet in your life," he said.

Kamath on joining 'The Giving Pledge'

Kamath also does not believe in hoarding wealth for future generations.

Last year, Kamath became the youngest Indian to join the 'The Giving Pledge' after he pledged a majority of his wealth to philanthropic causes.

He said that he was inspired by Bengaluru-based entrepreneurs and fellow pledgers Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani, Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, and Wipro founder Azim Premji.

“So, there are four people in India who have signed The Giving Pledge -- the other three happen to be really good friends of mine. And Bangaloreans will resonate with this -- all of them are from Bangalore. All four of us are friends. Me and Kiran live in the same apartment… we all tend to meet once in a month for dinner or travel together,” Kamath said.

"I think everybody should realise the importance and understand the concept of mortality... I am 37 and if the average lifespan of an Indian is 72 years old, I have 35 years left. There is no value in leaving money in the banks… so I would rather give it to things I believe in. So rather than leaving the money I have earned in the last 20 years and what I would earn in the next 20 years to a bank or institution like that… I would rather make the most of it," Kamath said.

Netizens reaction

Nikhil Kamath's comments received a varied reaction from the online community, leaving people split on the issue. Some agreed with his broader perspective and responded positively, while others quickly dismissed his opinions as 'fringe.'

"It is okay to not want kids. That is his choice. But, parenting is not just “babysitting”. Poor choice of words," a user wrote.

"Just look at the nature. Giving birth and continuing cycle of life is nature with all types of emotions and feelings. Looking for selfish motives is only human nature. Learn from nature because nature itself is God, reason to be alive at this very moment," another wrote.

"But isn't it the duty of the parent to let their children go? Parenting is nothing but preparing the young for what ahead, prepare them for the world and let them go. So leaving is not a good excuse for not having kids," a third wrote.

"It's your decision to go ahead but the logic here is extremely superficial. Why did you started a business? What if it had failed? Does this mean NOT starting a business is a good idead?" fourth said.

"Dude is either too sure or has no clue about raising children. Maybe he don't even know that children reflect the nature of their parents upbringing," another added.

"When you become rich, you start thinking and believing that whatever you talk you sound more intellectual all the time," another user remarked.