Nitin Gadkari denies to pursue Driverless Cars in India

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari denies implementing autonomous technology for driverless vehicles in India. He said in an interview that I have been asked many times about this and my answer is “I won’t let jobs of 1 crore people snatched away “, he added that he is not against the technology.

The Transport Minister of India addressed that we are currently facing a shortage of more than 22 lakh drivers every year in the country. When asked about solving this issue with autonomous technology, Mr. Gadkari said that “He rather sees this shortage problem as an opportunity of employment for the Indian drivers”.

On denying the fact of putting this technology to test in the Indian market Mr. Gadkari said that “Many of the elite people who want to bring this tech to India have asked me about it previously” and my answer is “Forget it till I am Transport Minister this will not happen” he added. In the month of March, he already made a similar statement regarding this issue

A deeper look at the approach of this Technology

Many countries worldwide have taken a step to put this autonomous technology to use in their lives in different forms. But considering the autonomy of level 4 being the highest till now still need some assist behind the wheels. So basically it can be looked upon as a driver-assisted mechanism, then why shouldn’t we take advantage of choosing an approach of putting humans in this position thereby creating employment.

We cannot deny the fact that the sole purpose of developing this technology was to increase safety in roads and that has been achieved by implementing this in some countries.

Mr. Gadkari also shared his thoughts on the country’s upcoming Vehicle Scrappage Policy which is meant to discard old vehicles currently present countrywide. He said this will boost the manufacture of raw material required for the production of new vehicles thus moving the country towards the dream of 5 Trillion economy.

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