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NODWIN Gaming partners with Global Esports Federation as a PMC for emerging markets

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NODWIN Gaming partners with Global Esports Federation

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has partnered with NODWIN Gaming, a subsidiary of India's Nazara Technologies, appointing the company as a Portfolio Management Company (PMC) to help drive the expansion of its global events portfolio.

The strategic partnership aims to enhance the reach of GEF's significant events, especially the Global Esports Tour, across various emerging markets.

Managing key markets in South and Central Asia

NODWIN Gaming, a premier gaming and esports company based in South Asia, will manage key markets in South and Central Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Southeast Asia. 


The company is entrusted with exclusive rights to develop and promote GEF-licensed esports events in over 20 countries, including India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Bahrain, Jordan, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as the entire continent of Africa.

Additionally, The company has non-exclusive rights to host events globally, which supports its plans for extensive collaboration with subsidiaries and strategic partners.

Impact on the global esports landscape

The partnership between NODWIN Gaming and the GEF is poised to significantly influence the esports and gaming scenes in emerging markets.

By leveraging NODWIN Gaming’s established presence and expertise, the GEF aims to foster sustainable growth and enhance the global esports ecosystem, which includes over 155 member federations and engages billions of participants worldwide.

Leadership comments

Mario Cilenti, Chief Operating Officer at GEF, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “We are thrilled to have NODWIN Gaming and Cinematic on board as our Portfolio Management Companies for the South Asia and North America markets, respectively. Their capabilities and extensive experience make them ideal partners to advance the Global Esports Federation’s mission and further engage with esports communities across key growth regions.”

Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming, also shared his excitement: “The world of esports is evolving towards true global celebration of esports titles across the world. The Global Esports Federation truly epitomizes the hopes and aspirations of all the developing world markets that NODWIN seeks to develop. We believe our partnership with the GEF will bring the best of esports opportunities to the youth of the emerging world.”

Expanding global reach and influence

Recently, NODWIN Gaming acquired Turkey-based Ninja Gaming and invested in Germany-based Freaks 4U Gaming to further solidify its ability to expand the GEF-licensed events across non-exclusive regions, including Europe and North Africa. 

These developments are expected to significantly enhance the company’s reach and influence in the global esports markets, supporting its vision of connecting communities and inspiring youth worldwide through esports.