North Eastern Council partners with TSSC to launch ‘5G Experience Centre’ in Guwahati

The North Eastern Council (NEC) has partnered with Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) to launch a 5G Experience Centre at Tech City, Guwahati.

The initiative is part of a project executed by AMTRON, funded by the North Eastern Council.

The project aims to provide certification to candidates in various telecom industry roles through NCVET certified courses offered by TSSC.

Along with the 5G Experience Centre, TSSC has also launched its ‘Skill on Wheels’ project to foster skill development and offer insights into building sustainable businesses.

The 5G Labs will help the youth of the North East gain skills relevant to Industry 40 and take advantage of the knowledge economy.

The Telecom Sector Skill Council is a non-profit organization that has trained over a million individuals, offering initiatives like a Digital Learning Platform and Telco Jobs.

The North Eastern Council is the central authority responsible for the economic and social advancement of the North Eastern Region, encompassing eight states.