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ODN partners with Middle East-based Channel Engine for the GCC e-commerce Market

ISN Team
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ODN, a 'Shop-Now Content' company, has partnered with Channel Engine, a Middle East-based company, targeting the GCC e-commerce market. 

The company said the partnership will transform the GCC e-commerce landscape by connecting brands and retailers to global online sales channels and marketplaces.

What is the aim of the partnership?

The partnership is a strategic move to facilitate ODN's entry into the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and European markets. Concurrently, it will assist in the expansion of Indian brands into these regions.


Narinder Mahajan – CEO, ODN said“Our game-changing partnership with Channel Engine marks a new era for Indian e-commerce brands wanting to sell in the Middle East region. Together, we’re unleashing the power of ODN’s exceptional E-commerce Content Solutions and Channel Engine’s cutting-edge technology to empower brands to conquer the challenges of scaling cross-borders.”

Focused on increasing revenue for brands

The collaboration between ODN and Channel Engine is expected to optimize sales, streamline operations, and increase revenue for brands and retailers. The company said this will ensure a seamless cross-border journey for Indian brands in MEA & European markets through content strategy and marketplace integration.

The partnership also offers considerable advantages by facilitating expansion into diverse global markets. This move not only aids in growth but also provides an opportunity to adapt to evolving industry trends.

About ODN and Channel Engine

ODN, established in 2015 in New Delhi, is a market leader in Shop-Now Content strategies, aiding brands and e-commerce platforms in successful online sales. Channel Engine, since 2013, has been addressing the challenges of modern e-commerce with its platform, connecting brands and retailers to over 700+ sales channels worldwide

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