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Ola launches ebike taxi services in Delhi, Hyderabad; to charge Rs 25 for 5km

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Ola, Bhavish Aggarwal-led ride-hailing platform, has unveiled its new e-Bike service in Delhi and Hyderabad. The move comes after the successful pilot of the e-Bike taxi in Bengaluru

The company is part of the company's goal to serve 1 billion Indians and achieve widespread electrification across the nation.

Pricing and accessibility

Ola has introduced an attractive pricing model for its e-Bike service, making it a highly affordable option for city commuters. The fares are set at Rs 25 for 5 km, Rs 50 for 10 km, and Rs 75 for 15 km. 


Expansion plans and fleet deployment

The company has announced plans to deploy 10,000 electric two-wheelers across Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore in the next two months.

The expansion will establish Ola as the owner of the largest EV 2W fleet in India. Ola aims to significantly scale up its e-Bike services throughout the country by the end of the year.

Infrastructure development

Ola claims to have established 200 charging stations in Bangalore and plans to establish an extensive charging network in all the markets it operates. The infrastructure development is crucial for the smooth operation and growth of the e-Bike service.

Hemant Bakshi, CEO, Ola Mobility , said: “Electrification is the biggest lever to unlock affordability in the mobility space.  At Ola, driving affordable mobility through electrification is our priority and in line with our vision to serve 1 billion Indians.  Following the massive success of our Bangalore e-Bike taxi pilot, we have proven its sustainable value proposition for all ecosystem participants – the consumer (lower price), the driver (higher earnings), and Ola (new category and revenues), and now look at mass deployments across Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad and build a larger market for e-Bike taxis in India.

"With our focus on innovation, and accessibility, our e-Bike taxi initiative will also serve as a multi-work opportunity for gig-economy workers on the Ola platform and pave the way for the future of commerce," Bakshi said.

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