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Ola user books ride for Rs 730, gets bill of Rs 5194 when trip ended; Here's what happened next...

Jaya Vishwakarma
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In the bustling city of Bengaluru, where technology and convenience often go hand in hand, the reliance on ride-hailing apps like Ola has become a part of daily life for many.

These ride-hailing apps promise a seamless and transparent service, making urban transportation easier than ever.

However, a recent incident involving Anurag Kumar Singh, a college student, has cast a shadow over this promise, revealing a startling glitch in the system that could affect any unsuspecting user.

Singh's routine trip from Kempegowda International Airport to Mathikere turned into a bewildering ordeal when the fare for his Ola cab ride, initially displayed as Rs 730, shockingly escalated to Rs 5,194 upon reaching his destination.


The incident not only left Singh astounded but also exposed the potential vulnerabilities passengers might face with digital ride-hailing services.

Upon arrival, Singh was confronted with a demand for Rs 5,000 by the driver, a figure far exceeding the reasonable expectations for a city ride. The situation took a more perplexing turn when Singh, checking his phone, realized that his trip had been cancelled in the Ola app, effectively rendering him not on an official ride.

The cancellation was unbeknownst to him until the journey's end, adding to the confusion and frustration.

Singh, who was not fluent in Kannada, found himself at a linguistic disadvantage in negotiating with the driver. However, with the assistance of his neighbors, he managed to bring down the demanded fare to Rs 1,600. This amount, though significantly lower than the initial demand, was still more than double the fare he had anticipated.

Ola's response to the incident

The incident raises serious questions about the reliability and transparency of ride-hailing apps. Singh, who had the presence of mind to take screenshots after booking his ride, struggled to get a satisfactory response from Ola, despite raising the issue through the app and on social media platforms.

It's worth mentioning that Singh's experience is not an isolated case. In a similar case, a Reddit user shared an experience where an Uber driver falsely claimed additional charges, highlighting a pattern of deceptive practices in the ride-hailing industry.

New Taxi Scam?

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