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OpenAI working to launch ChatGPT powered search tool to challenge Google: Report

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Sam Altman-led AI giant OpenAI is reportedly developing a feature for ChatGPT that can search the web and cite sources in its results, according to a Bloomberg report. 

While there is no official announcement from the AI giant, the feature could potentially pose trouble for tech giant Google and IIT Madras graduate-founded AI search startup Perplexity.

Enabling users to get answers from the web

The report said that the feature will enable users to ask ChatGPT a question and receive answers that include details from the web, with citations to sources such as Wikipedia entries and blog posts.


The Microsoft-backed startup is also expected to incorporate ads in the search engine to create a new revenue stream for the company. 

One version of the product incorporates images alongside written responses when relevant. For instance, if a user asks ChatGPT how to clean a split-type AC, the results might include a diagram illustrating the process, the report claimed.

User interface of AI search tool

Although the search engine's user interface may vary depending on the device, users can refer to Microsoft's Copilot, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 and the Bing search engine, to get an idea of the appearance and functionality of the new search tool.

Meanwhile, Sam Altman-led OpenAI recently enhanced its chatbot by introducing a new Memory feature. This feature enables the bot to remember user instructions and preferences across all conversations, providing a more personalized interaction experience.

It was initially rolled out to a limited group of testers in February 2024, the Memory feature is now available to all ChatGPT Plus subscribers, except those in Europe and Korea.

Expected launch date

The information first emerged in a community post on Y Combinator's Hacker News, which claimed that the "search.chatgpt.com domain and SSL certificate have been created." The post was initially shared by a user named 'daolf' six days ago and had received 127 votes at the time of writing.

Upon verifying the domain registration, it was discovered that the domain was registered on November 30, 2022.

While domain registration alone doesn't confirm anything, AI influencers on X have been speculating about the tentative launch of the company's AI-powered search engine, reportedly scheduled for May 9.