OYO adopts the HYBRID WORKPLACE model, committed to employees safety and wellness

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Oyo is all set to adopt a hybrid workplace model.
  • The company spokesperson said that we care about our employee’s health, safety, and wellness and will do our best possible in these tough times.
  • The company said it had divided its Indian workforce into three categories—corporate employees, capability functions, and field staff. 

What is Hybrid Workplace Model?

OYO adopts HYBRID WORKPLACE model, committed to employees safety, health, and wellness
OYO adopts HYBRID WORKPLACE model, committed to employees safety, health, and wellness

The hybrid Workplace model is a model that allows more flexibility for employees and the company for better productivity. It removes the physical barrier for employees so that they can work from anywhere whenever they want to which in return shows a noticeable positive impact on the overall productivity of the employees.

OYO Hotels said on Tuesday: As COVID-19 restriction is getting ease and economy starts to open up again, we are all set to adopt the Hybrid Workplace model for our employees with the perspective of their safety, health, wellness and overall performance on their productivity.

Many businesses are begun to set up to bring their workforce back to the office. But we at OYO now have moved to Hybrid Workplace Model which will help the company and employees to operate in their full capacity across the country.

The company also said that this model will ensure us to give options to the workforce as the states come out of lockdown to maintain social distancing and provide flexibility in the workplace. Furthermore, The company said that we have divided our workforce into three different categories–corporate employees, capability functions, and field staff.

According to the company’s chief human resource officer, Dinesh Ramamurthi, Corporate employees and capability functions will be opting for a combination of two choices—working from home and working from the co-working space (Oyo co-working space).

The company field staff is already stepping out and attending their work schedule with all the safety precautions. The company also said that we have noticed that changes in the work environment have brought up employee efficiency high compared to the employees’ physical presence.

The co-working industry is going to rise due to COVID-19 because co-working companies are approaching other corporates to adopt the Hybrid Workplace model in their business to ensure their workforce safety and company growth. said, Ritesh.

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have crushed the entire travel and hospitality industry and this has adversely affected many companies’ growth including OYO. Last month, Oyo decided to lay off a large number of employees in the US, while salary cuts up to 25% which were imposed during April and July. Ritesh itself said that I won’t be taking any salary due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

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