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Panasonic selects 12 startups as part of 1st cohort of its corporate accelerator program; Know the names

Vivek Vishwakarma
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Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) and Panasonic Corporation (PC), in partnership with the venture capital firm 100X.VC, have announced the selection of 12 startups for their 'Panasonic Ignition' Corporate Innovation accelerator program.

According to the company's statement, the initiative aims to nurture and financially support early to mid-stage startups focusing on innovative energy management solutions for commercial spaces.

Selection process and program details

Out of over 140 applicants, 12 startups were chosen through a rigorous evaluation process. The program, guided by Kunio Gohara, Chief Transformation Officer of Panasonic Corporation, was launched in October 2023. 


Over the next three months, these startups will receive extensive support from Panasonic and 100X.VC, including mentorship, guidance, and financial resources. The program will culminate in March 2024, when the final winner is announced.

"We are thrilled to launch the ‘Panasonic Ignition’ program in collaboration with 100X.VC, marking a pivotal moment in driving innovation within the energy management sector," said Manish Misra, the Chief Innovation Officer, at Panasonic Life Solutions India. 

"This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering groundbreaking technologies and solutions that address the evolving needs of commercial spaces while contributing to a sustainable future," Mishra said.

Who are the selected startups

The selected startups are diverse in their offerings, ranging from IoT solutions for home energy monitoring to AI-enabled building management systems. These include SustLabs, MinionLabs, Clairco, Enlite, Zodhya, Living Things, Sensiable, Carbon Minus, Nebeskie, Quebeq Venture, Blaze, and Cymbeline. 

  1. SustLabs: Specializing in consumer IoT solutions for home energy monitoring.
  2. MinionLabs: Focused on developing a product to measure individual energy consumption in buildings.
  3. Clairco: Creating IoT-based smart air purification devices and space optimization solutions.
  4. Enlite: Providing an AI-enabled wireless building management system.
  5. Zodhya: Offering energy optimization solutions for commercial spaces.
  6. Living Things: Developing a smart control hub for air conditioners.
  7. Sensiable: Providing an IoT-enabled workplace space management solution.
  8. Carbon Minus: Offering cloud-based solutions for energy plant management.
  9. Nebeskie: Specializing in a SaaS, AI, and IoT-powered electricity management platform.
  10. Quebeq Venture: Integrating a Virtual Power Plant with proprietary energy solutions.
  11. Blaze: Providing IoT Gateway energy monitoring and smart control systems.
  12. Cymbeline: Developing industrial IoT with diverse hardware, middleware, analytics, and cloud solutions

What is the Panasonic Ignition Program?

The 'Panasonic Ignition' program, designed by the Panasonic India Innovation Centre (IIC), aims to provide a platform for young founders to develop technologies and products that address real-life challenges in energy management.

The program offers investment, masterclasses, mentorship, and support in product strategy and growth, fostering a new wave of innovation in spatial infrastructure energy solutions.

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