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Pappaya Cloud partners with Lenovo ISG to deploy 5000 servers globally; 55% in India

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) has partnered with Pappaya Cloud with the aim of revolutionizing the cloud services market.

 The partnership combines Pappaya Cloud’s fully managed, high-performance, and secure cloud offerings with Lenovo ISG’s robust infrastructure and flexible IT consumption model, catering to the diverse needs of enterprises, mid-market, SMEs, startups, and B2C clients worldwide.

Deploying 5,000 servers worldwide 

Pappaya Cloud plans to deploy 5,000 servers worldwide by the fiscal year 2024 and extend its asset base to 15,000 servers in the next three years. 


A significant portion of this deployment, 55%, is focused on India, showcasing the strategic importance of the Indian market in their global expansion plans. The remainder of the servers will be distributed across the UK, US, and UAE. 

Jagadeesh Venugopal, Chief Operating Officer – Pappaya Cloud, said, “This partnership marks a significant milestone for Pappaya Cloud as we expand our global footprint and enhance our offerings. With Lenovo ISG’s expertise in infrastructure solutions and our cloud capabilities, we are well-positioned to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

Focusing on offering cost-effective managed cloud services

Pappaya Cloud and Lenovo ISG are committed to offering innovative, cost-effective, managed cloud services that prioritize flexibility, performance, and security. This strategic collaboration fills the gap left by traditional Cloud Service Providers, ensuring that cloud offerings align with the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

The partnership also aims to empower clients to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of cloud capabilities. Together, Lenovo ISG and Pappaya Cloud aspire to reduce customers' cloud infrastructure expenditures by 50% while upholding the highest standards of security, support, and performance.