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India's Persistent Systems partners with Microsoft to launch GenAI solution for healthcare sector

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persistent partners with microsoft

Indian digital engineering company Persistent Systems recently announced the launch Generative AI-powered Population Health Management (PHM) Solution. 

The solution, which is developed in collaboration with Microsoft, aims to transform healthcare delivery by focusing on Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) to predict healthcare costs and address patients' non-clinical needs effectively.

Leveraging Azure OpenAI service 

As per the company's statement, The partnership will enable Persistent to leverage Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.  Notably, the association also combines Persistent's deep domain expertise with Microsoft's cutting-edge technology to enhance patient care quality and operational efficiency in healthcare.


Utilizing EHR data

Persistent said that its PHM Solution utilizes Electronic Health Records (EHR) data to identify SDoH, including the extraction of up to 80% of unstructured clinical notes. The approach, which significantly differs from existing solutions that rely on third-party data or surveys, aims to provide more accurate, scalable, and compliant care recommendations.

Focused on assisting healthcare providers 

The company said the solution is designed to assist healthcare providers in delivering personalized interventions through community-based programs and care management teams.

By doing so, it aims to prevent unnecessary emergency department visits, readmissions, and extended hospital stays, the company said in a statement. 

Ganesh Nathella, Senior Vice President & General Manager – Global Lead, HLS Business at Persistent, emphasized the importance of addressing the causes of negative healthcare outcomes.

He stated, "With this innovative Solution, built on Persistent’s deep domain expertise and differentiated frameworks along with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, we are identifying care access and health equity issues by optimizing enterprise capacities and ensuring cost-effectiveness."

David Rhew, M.D., Global Chief Medical Officer & Vice President of Healthcare at Microsoft, highlighted the goal of population health management to improve overall health through cost-efficient interventions. "Leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to extract and track crucial SDoH data, Persistent’s PHM Solution will yield personalized care recommendations and help reduce costs, ultimately contributing to enhanced care quality."

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