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Alakh Pandey's Physics Wallah unveils Alakh AI; Know the features

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update
Physics Wallah unveils Alakh AI

Profitable edtech unicorn Physics Wallah (PW) has unveiled its indigenously developed AI education suite, "Alakh AI." 

Unveiled during its flagship event, Vishwas Diwas, under the banner "Padhai Ka Naya Andaaz" (A New Era of Education), PW said the AI suite will enable the company to transform the educational landscape.

The suite, which includes AI Guru, Sahayak, and NCERT Pitara, aims to personalize the learning experience, making it more effective and engaging for students across India.

What are the features of Alakh AI?


The Alakh Pandey's edtech giant claims that Alakh AI, which was launched at the end of December 2023, has garnered over 1.5 million users.

The suite's flagship feature, AI Guru, acts as a 24/7 personal tutor, offering personalized assistance and resolving queries in real time with a 94% satisfaction rate.

Sahayak, another component, tailors learning paths for students, focusing on adaptive practices and backlog clearance. NCERT Pitara complements these by generating real-time questions from textbooks, facilitating self-paced learning.

Enhancing learning and accessibility

Besides Alakh AI, the company has introduced collaborative learning environments, a low data mode for digital lectures, and "LearnOS Tapasya Mode" for focused learning. These initiatives aim to enhance the learning experience and improve accessibility, allowing students to maximize their educational intake without the constraints of data limitations.

“Today, we stand at the cusp of a new dawn in education. ‘Padhai Ka Naya Andaaz’ (a new style of learning) is more than a theme; it is our commitment to provide a learning experience that transcends traditional boundaries, making education more personalised, effective, and engaging for every student,” Pandey said.