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Insurtech firm Plum appoints Priya Sunil as new chief human resources officer

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Plum appoints Priya Sunil

Plum appoints Priya Sunil

Insutech startup Plum has announced the appointment of Priya as the new Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Established in 2019, Plum is an insurtech platform that offers employee wellness and business insurance solutions to more than 4,000 corporations. 

Who is Priya Sunil do?

With a Master’s degree in Applied Social Psychology and 17 years of extensive experience in talent management and organisational development, Priya brings a wealth of expertise to Plum.


Priya’s career has been marked by her commitment to driving impactful change through her work. Her educational background exposed her to significant societal gaps, motivating her to attract and nurture talent to address these critical issues.

Priya is particularly passionate about education and health, two causes that have been central to her work with renowned non-profits such as The Akanksha Foundation, Teach For India, and The/Nudge Institute.

Her experiences with these organisations have reinforced her belief that organisational dynamics are directly linked to how purposeful employees feel about their work and the sense of belonging they experience.

Leadership comments

“Today, companies distinguish themselves through their culture and talent density. By welcoming Priya to the Plum team, we aim to cultivate an environment that fuels high-quality growth and instils a strong sense of mission and purpose—delivering the highest quality insurance and healthcare to people,” said Abhishek Poddar, Cofounder and CEO of Plum.

“Her expertise in fostering an empowering and inclusive workplace culture will be invaluable as we continue to grow and innovate.”

What did Priya Sunil say?

“This role gives me the opportunity to build on Plum’s ideology and spearhead a function that enables the company to be a place where talent thrives and flourishes,” said Priya.

“My vision for Plum is to be the destination for top talent, an organisation that stands for innovation in people practices, where employees feel valued, inspired, and are able to realise their fullest potential.”

Priya is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace where different perspectives are welcomed and every manager is invested in the growth of their team.

She aims to create a culture where continuous learning and growth are paramount, empowering employees to bring their truest selves to work while contributing significantly to the organisation’s success.