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Pocket FM partners with ElevenLabs to launch AI Audio Series; Check details

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Pocket FM partners with ElevenLabs

Pocket FM, an audio entertainment platform, has partnered with AI voice cloning startup ElevenLabs to launch a feature called AI Audio Series.

The new tool allows writers to convert their stories into audio series with just a single click.

The feature aims to triple Pocket FM's content library within a year and expand its reach into new markets across Europe and Latin America.

"By enabling this, we've not only empowered the writing community but also made audio series creation faster and simpler, making storytelling accessible for everyone," said co-founder Prateek Dixit.


How does the AI audio series feature work?

The AI Audio Series feature will be available in both Hindi and English. Writers can start the process by navigating to the 'Write' tab in the Pocket FM app and selecting the 'Series' option.

After meeting a minimum word count, writers can convert their stories into audio series, choosing from around 50 different voices and background music. These voices, both male and female, cater to various genres such as romance, drama, fantasy, and horror.

Pocket FM plans to add more voices in the future to enhance the variety and quality of content.

PocketFM's production efficiency

The partnership with ElevenLabs has significantly boosted Pocket FM's production efficiency.

According to Dixit, the AI capabilities have allowed the company to produce more than ten times the content they previously could, while also reducing production time and cost by 90%.

"We can now produce more than 10x of content that we previously could do with similar quality," Dixit explained.

This has enabled Pocket FM to produce up to 2.5-3 hours of content per show daily, compared to just 30 minutes previously.

Mati Staniszewski, Chief Executive of ElevenLabs, added, "Combining our Voice AI expertise with Pocket FM's approach to audio series promises to take content production to new heights of efficiency and creativity."

Accelerating expansion into new markets 

This new feature is expected to significantly accelerate Pocket FM's expansion into new markets, particularly in Germany and France

Dixit mentioned that one of the main challenges in these markets was the speed of content production.

"Now with the help of AI, we can launch content in these markets much faster. The go-to-market time for these markets gets lower than it was before," he said.

The startup, which raised $103 million in Series D funding in March 2024, aims to leverage this technology to enhance its competitive edge and content offerings globally.