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WATCH | Rapido driver forced to push scooty with passenger seated as vehicle ran out of petrol

Jaya Vishwakarma
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Rapido driver forced to push scooty

In a recent incident in Hyderabad, a Rapido bike taxi driver faced an unexpected challenge when his vehicle ran out of petrol mid-journey.

Despite informing the passenger of the potential for this to happen, the driver was compelled to push his motorcycle to the nearest petrol pump with the passenger still seated.

The incident was captured on video and has since sparked widespread criticism on social media towards the passenger for not showing kindness or understanding by refusing to dismount the bike, forcing the driver to exert extra effort to push the bike alone.

Before the journey started, the driver had cautioned the passenger about the low fuel level, warning that the bike could run out of petrol at any time. However, the passenger chose to proceed with the trip, as per media reports.


Halfway through, the driver's warning became a reality, and the vehicle stopped due to a lack of fuel.

When the driver requested the passenger to dismount to lighten the load, the passenger refused, leaving the driver with no choice but to push the bike himself.

The video posted on X quickly went viral, drawing attention and sparking debate among netizens. Many condemned the passenger's insensitivity, describing the act as "unthinkable," "inhumane," and "atrocious."