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Rapyder partners with AWS to accelerate Generative AI led innovation

ISN Team
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Indian cloud consulting company Rapyder Cloud Solutions today announced a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to scale its cloud offerings and drive innovation using generative artificial intelligence (AI) specifically tailored for customers in industries like finance, IT, healthcare, and e-commerce.

As part of the SCA, Rapyder is developing generative AI solutions to help customers gain new insights from their data more easily and quickly.

Establishing a full-fledged Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

The company will also establish a full-fledged Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) with AWS


The CCoE will focus on technical capability development and building repeatable solutions that drive customers’ digital transformation.

These will include generative AI-powered multi-language voice-based search, chatbots, document summarisation, and medical report follow-ups that make customer service more interactive and effective.

With AWS, Rapyder’s generative AI solutions will be part of a comprehensive suite of services and solutions encompassing migration, modernization, data analytics, and machine learning (ML) using services like Amazon Athena, Amazon Sagemaker JumpStart, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and Amazon Bedrock.

The company will create a catalogue of use-case-based solutions built in the CCoE that shall be offered to address the specific challenges of enterprise and startup customers across India. 

With the SCA in place, Rapyder will accelerate its expansion across India by developing vertical specialisation in financial services, manufacturing, and retail. It will more than double its workforce from 280 to 600 by the end of 2025, with the majority of its employees trained and certified in focused AWS data analytics, AI/ML, and generative AI technologies.

In addition, to help its customers accelerate their digital transformation, Rapyder is strengthening its professional and managed services and CCoE through extensive hiring and training, including the adoption of AWS digital skills training programs.

Leadership comments 

“The signing of this SCA marks a pivotal moment in our relationship with AWS. Each year, as AWS introduces new services, Rapyder has continually enhanced its expertise to better serve our customers. Together, we are poised to leverage this momentum and drive innovation to new heights,” said Amit Gupta, founder & CEO of Rapyder.

“India offers a great opportunity for leading world tech companies to launch and scale their offerings using the latest cloud technology. We at Rapyder are committed to being at the forefront of innovations like generative AI and shall continue to revolutionize India’s digital transformation. Through this collaboration, we can help customers with new technologies like generative AI and data analytics,” said Athreya Ramadas, Co-Founder & CTO of Rapyder. 

“Cloud technology like generative AI is empowering business across the subcontinent, and our collaboration with Rapyder Cloud Solutions marks a transformative step in enhancing cloud capabilities for India’s diverse sectors,” Praveen Sridhar, head of Partner Business, AWS India and South Asia.

“Through this strategic collaboration, we aim to accelerate innovation, foster digital transformation, and deliver impactful solutions in migration, modernisation, and advanced AI/ML offerings," Sridhar added.