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RDC Concrete partners with BITS Pilani to build competencies for higher degrees among its employees

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RDC Concrete partners with BITS Pilani

RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd, a manufacturer and supplier of Ready Mix Concrete, has signed an MOU with Birla Institute of Technology & Science–Pilani (BITS Pilani), with the aim of offering MBA and B.Tech programs for the members of its staff. 

The strategic association aspires to enhance the overall skills and career possibilities of RDC employees and fulfil the societal aspirations of employees seeking degrees.

Enabling RDC employees to obtain access to MBA programs 

The affiliation between the two renowned entities is outlined to enable RDC employees to obtain access to MBA and B.Tech programs, promoting uninterrupted growth.


The specialised programs are customised to industry demands and ensure to bring the staff up to date regarding market trends and contemporary technologies, building substantially their present employment capability.

Addressing the educational gap

The partnership comes at a time when India's educational landscape, particularly in engineering and technology, shows a significant gap between the number of colleges and the actual intake capacity. 

With over 5,828 Engineering and Technology colleges in the country, only a fraction offer B.Tech or BE programs. This scenario extends to MBA aspirants, where annually, a substantial amount of productivity is lost due to the pursuit of higher degrees. RDC Concrete's partnership with BITS Pilani aims to mitigate these challenges by providing employees with opportunities to pursue higher education without compromising productivity.

Empowering the workforce

Anil Banchhor, CEO of RDC Concrete, emphasizes the goal of creating an environment where employees can excel in their current roles while envisioning a brighter future. The tailored MBA and B.Tech programs by BITS Pilani are set to enhance employees' skills, preparing them for new opportunities within and beyond RDC Concrete. The courses include management and technical training, seminars, and leadership development, fostering both academic and practical growth.

Following a triple-benefit approach

Dr KS Bhoon, Head of HR & Business Excellence at RDC Concrete, highlights the partnership's threefold benefits: boosting India's productivity through work-integrated learning, enhancing employee loyalty, and providing a platform for professional and personal growth. The initiative also introduces a unique guarantee of admission for engineering trainees after a one-year training period, marking a first in India's corporate landscape.

Eligibility criteria 

The company said working professionals pursuing a B.Tech degree must hold a diploma to qualify for these programs. Those aiming for an MBA should have a B.Tech background with a minimum aggregate of 60% marks. 

These are also campus entry-level requirements in RDC. In addition, they must have at least one year of work experience which is covered by the training period in RDC. The program has already enrolled 45 RDC employees, a landmark moment for the beginning of growth for many staff over the coming year, it added.

Covering academic expenses 

The partnership has already seen the enrollment of 45 RDC employees, setting the stage for widespread growth and development. RDC supports its employees by covering various academic expenses, with a minimal monthly contribution from the employees. This model ensures a balanced approach to work and study, treating education as an integral part of duty hours. 

What does RDC Concrete do?

RDC Concrete, established in 1993 in collaboration with RDC Concrete Singapore, is India's largest independent non-cement ready-mix concrete manufacturer. With a network of 105 RMC plants across the country, RDC has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the construction industry, continually setting new standards and contributing to the sector's growth and development.