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Robotics startup Botsync raises $5.2M in a Series A funding round

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Singapore-based robotics startup Botsync has closed a $5.2 million Series A financing round. Capital 2B and Betatron Venture Group led the funding

Other notable investors included IvyCap Ventures, AppWorks, Iterative, Wong Fong, ZB Capital, Nalin Advani, and Ascend Angels.

Focusing on the enhancement of the syncOS platform

The fresh capital will be directed towards several key areas within Botsync. Primarily, the funds will support the enhancement and simplification of the syncOS platform, which integrates various automation systems.


Botsync aims to make its syncOS platform more accessible and user-friendly, thereby easing the automation onboarding process for its clients. Additionally, the startup will focus on further product development to enhance its suite of autonomous MAG Mobile Robots.

The investment also positions Botsync to expand its commercial presence and improve customer service capabilities across key markets.

What does Botsync do

Founded in 2019 by graduates of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, Botsync specializes in integrated automation solutions for manufacturing operations. The startup has developed a flagship product, syncOS, which is a no-code integration platform that connects different robotic and automation systems on a single interface.

The platform includes pre-built integrations with major automation products, allowing users to streamline their operations without needing extensive coding knowledge.

Botsync’s MAG Mobile Robots replace traditional manual equipment like forklifts and pallet trucks, automating intralogistics tasks within manufacturing facilities.

Rahul Nambiar, CEO and co-founder of Botsync highlighted the importance of their syncOS platform in overcoming integration challenges faced by manufacturers.

"Botsync eliminates fragmentation across manufacturing processes, simplifying the adoption of robotic systems for both our customers and network of automation partners," said Nambiar. 

Botsync's market presence

Botsync has already secured significant customers, including global brands such as Ford Motors, Caterpillar, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kimberly Clark, and Bollore Logistics.

The startup said that these companies utilize its solutions to enhance efficiency and automate their manufacturing processes

Botsync also claims to have a strong sales and operations presence in Singapore, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. It plans to expand deeper into Southeast Asia and India and enter new markets in Australia and the Middle East.