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SalarySe partners with HROne to revolutionise employee Wellness and HR management for salaried employees

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update

SalarySe, a UPI-powered 360-degree employee financial benefits platform, has partnered with HROne, a provider of HR software solutions.

The partnership is aimed at revolutionising financial benefits for employees, as well as upgrading HR operations for businesses of all sizes across India.

SalarySe, with its Credit-on-UPI technology, aims to reduce financial stress and transform the financial habits and lifestyles of more than 100 million salaried individuals in India.

What does SalarySe do?


Financial stress is increasingly becoming one of the biggest employee stress points post–COVID.

SalarySe helps people-centric organizations and leaders address this through our curated and personalized offerings across a 360-degree spectrum, including UPI, rewards, retirement planning, savings, credit access, and more.

SalarySe’s solutions have helped employers control attrition, lower manpower spending, reduce working capital and increase net pay in employees' hands.

For employees, SalarySe upgrades their financial lives with safe wealth creation options, real-time access to exigency funds at low cost, and a unique rewards platform. 

What does HROne do?

HROne is a provider of innovative HR software solutions, dedicated to simplifying HR operations and enhancing productivity for businesses.

With a comprehensive suite of software tools, HRone eliminates mundane administrative tasks, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives and driving organizational success.

Leadership comments

Prabir Jha, an advisor to SalarySe, said, “This collaboration is unique as it presents a double advantage for HR professionals, allowing them to offer services that not only benefit businesses but also enhance the financial wellness of employees.”

“Our strategic partnership with HROne is a significant step in our journey of financially transforming the lives of middle-class salaried Indians and expanding our product’s presence across a wide range of companies. The technology partnership, a first of its kind in India, will offer very high convenience to HR teams of organisations enabling them to offer employee financial wellness to their employees without any operational bottleneck and blockage of HR’s bandwidth” said Piyush Bagaria, co-founder at SalarySe.

“Our goal is to create a dynamic employee experience, provide a robust financial safety net and be financially and non-financially beneficial for both employer and employees,” added Piyush 

“At HROne, we believe in designing solutions that empower HR professionals and drive tangible results for their teams,” said Karan Jain, founder of HROne.

“Our collaboration with SalarySe enables us to offer our clients innovative financial solutions that complement our HR software, creating a seamless experience for businesses and employees.”