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Samsung partners with IIT Kanpur for joint research on genAI, cloud, health, other technologies

Vivek Vishwakarma
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samsung partners with iit kanpur

Samsung's R&D Institute, Noida, has signed a five-year partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) to focus on joint research projects involving IIT Kanpur students, faculty, and Samsung engineers, aiming to prepare students for the industry.

Covering various growth areas

The collaboration will cover various growth areas such as health, visual frameworks, B2B security, and emerging technologies like Generative AI and Cloud computing.


Samsung said these projects are designed to align with real-world industry challenges and market needs, including initiatives related to Digital India.

Upskilling Samsung engineers

In addition to joint research, the partnership includes opportunities for upskilling Samsung engineers. IIT Kanpur will conduct specialized training programs in AI, Cloud, and other emerging technologies.

The company said the programs will lead to degree programs, certifications, and courses tailored to enhance the skills and knowledge of Samsung engineers.

Samsung emphasizes academic excellence 

“We are excited to begin this collaborative journey with IIT Kanpur. This collaboration reflects our dedication towards merging academic excellence with industrial innovation, thereby making students industry-ready. We look forward to a dynamic exchange of ideas, knowledge and talent, which will certainly play a crucial role in the success of groundbreaking projects and contribute to the growth of both Samsung and IIT Kanpur”, said Kyungyun Roo, Managing Director, SRI-Noida.

Creating a dynamic environment 

“By combining the academic excellence of IIT Kanpur with the industry expertise of Samsung India, we aim to create a dynamic environment for cutting-edge projects and provide invaluable opportunities for our students and researchers. This MoU complements IIT Kanpur’s relentless efforts in bridging the gap between academia and industry while creating a connection between theoretical knowledge and practical industry solutions”, said Prof. S. Ganesh, Director of IIT Kanpur.

Addressing industry challenges

The partnership is expected to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas, knowledge, and talent, benefiting both Samsung and IIT Kanpur.

Notably, the students and faculty will engage in addressing industry challenges and are encouraged to publish joint research papers with Samsung engineers. 

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