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SAP Labs India opens a centre of excellence in Hyderabad to promote skill development

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SAP Labs India

In an attempt to bridge the skill gap in the tech industry, Bengaluru-based Sap Labs India has expanded its Code Unnati initiative into Telangana

The company has launched a Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad in collaboration with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) and Edunet Foundation.

The centre aims to enhance skill development and employability among the youth, focusing on emerging technologies across 17 locations in the state. 

SAP Labs India highlights role in mentoring the next generation


Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India and Head of SAP User Enablement, said, “As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Gen AI emerges as a powerful force in shaping the future of technical education. By harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence, we have the opportunity to revolutionize the way we prepare our youth for the jobs of tomorrow. However, we must not overlook the critical role of faculty members in this transformation. It is through their expertise, guidance, and mentorship that we can truly empower the next generation of technocrats."

"By working hand in hand with our dedicated faculty, we can ensure that our youth are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and adaptability to thrive in the rapidly changing technological landscape," Gangadharan said.

Sindhu said the collaboration between the Government, corporates, academia, and civil society is crucial in fostering innovation and ensuring a well-rounded education.

"We are therefore excited to partner with TASK and Edunet to offer this support to the technical institutions in the state of Telangana," Sindhu added.

What did the TASK CEO say?

Shrikant Sinha, CEO of TASK, said, “The industrial landscape is constantly evolving. We’ve witnessed the rise of Industry 2.0 and 3.0, characterized by incremental advancements. Today, we stand at the cusp of Industry 4.0 and 5.0, which is defined by a rapid explosion of innovation across multiple dimensions. From Artificial Intelligence and robotics to the Internet of Things and big data, the technological landscape is teeming with possibilities."

"Amidst this exhilarating rush towards the future, it’s crucial to strike a balance. While staying adaptable to emerging trends and embracing new technologies is essential, a strong foundation in core principles remains equally important. Equipping students with a solid grasp of fundamentals in various subjects empowers them to not only navigate the complexities of these advancements but also become active contributors to shaping the future," Sinha said.

What is the Code Unnati Program?

The Code Unnati program, which is designed for students from economically weaker sections of society, offers more than 300 hours of training. It equips colleges with SAP centres of excellence, enabling experiential learning in deep tech.

Through capstone projects, mentoring, and faculty capacity building, the program aims to create a sustainable pathway to industry for underserved students.