SBI Foundation launches 'Innovators for Bharat' initiative' Know what it is

SBI Foundation, under SBIF LEAP, has launched the 'Innovators for Bharat' initiative to support high-impact incubators providing incubation to startups working to address pressing development challenges in India.

SBI Foundation has partnered with Villgro, an Indian social enterprise incubator, to launch the 'Innovators For Bharat: Climate Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods' program.

The program will provide up to 15 high-potential startups with equity seed funding, grant capital and incubation support, such as strategic mentoring for business scale-up, opportunities for field pilots, access to rural distribution networks, and more.

The program will deploy a total of Rs 325 crore, through a combination of grant and equity, with Villgro and SBI Foundation providing the financial support.

The program is open to early MVP stage startups and mature growth-stage companies, including agritech and agri fintech, focusing on themes like climate resilient agriculture, reducing post-harvest losses, and more.