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SentinelOne acquires Bengaluru-based cybersecurity startup PingSafe

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SentinelOne, a leader in AI-powered security, has announced its acquisition of PingSafe, a cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP).

The move is set to redefine cloud security by integrating PingSafe's CNAPP into SentinelOne's Singularity Platform. The combination aims to provide a unified security platform, enhancing coverage, hygiene, and automation across cloud footprints.

“With the addition of PingSafe, we intend to redefine cloud security by fusing best-of-breed cloud workload protection, AI and analytics capabilities with a modern and comprehensive CNAPP,” said Ric Smith, Chief Product and Technology Officer, SentinelOne.

“This new approach to cloud security will eliminate the need for companies to navigate the complexity of multiple-point solutions, triage and investigate with incomplete context, or pipe data between disparate data silos. Instead, they can comprehensively manage their entire attack surface from a single platform that, unlike legacy CNAPP and standalone providers, delivers the full context, real-time interaction and analytics needed to correlate, detect and stop multi-stage attacks in a simple, automated way," Smith added.

Extending cloud security capabilities


The acquisition aligns with SentinelOne's strategy to extend its cloud security capabilities and its Singularity Unity Release strategy, announced in November. 

“SentinelOne is a pioneer and leader in AI-powered security, and we share a common mission to secure the cloud and make the Internet a safer place,” said Anand Prakash, founder and CEO of PingSafe and one of the world’s top five white hat hackers. “The combination of our cutting-edge CNAPP capabilities with SentinelOne’s market-leading AI security platform will supercharge cloud security by providing world-class protection for multi-cloud infrastructure, from development to deployment.”

PingSafe's unique capabilities

PingSafe stands out with its dynamic, real-time monitoring of multi-cloud workloads, simple setup, and low false positive rates. It offers advanced secrets scanning, an attack surface management rules engine, and core CNAPP capabilities like cloud security posture management and Kubernetes security posture management. 

Acquisition details

The acquisition, a combination of cash and stock, is expected to close in SentinelOne's first quarter of fiscal year 2025, subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions. PingSafe had previously raised a seed round of $3.3 million in July 2023, co-led by Surge, Tanglin Venture Partners, and Sequoia Capital.

What does SentinelOne do? 

California-based SentinelOne, known for its autonomous cybersecurity solutions, has acquired three companies to date. C

o-founded in 2021 by Anand Prakash and Nishant Mittal, PingSafe AI offers an advanced version of CSPM, providing in-depth analysis of assets, vulnerabilities, and cloud credential leakages. The Bengaluru-based company has seen a 4X growth in its user base over the last 12 months, serving notable companies like Flipkart, Razorpay, PolicyBazaar, SBI General, and Tata 1mg.

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