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Setup Your Startup With These Worthy Place To Look Up

Ritu Singh
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Setup Your Startup With These Worthy Place To Look Up

“Want to start a startup, here are some places you can look up”

So here are top 5 not-so-usual cities in India where trying and experimenting ideas will not go waste rather it can amount to a great business opportunity.

Let’s dig in!

  • Leh Or Ladakh-  Definitely not the first place which pops your mind while thinking about setting up your startup. However here are a few reasons why Ladakh can be “the ultimate city” for your business plan.


So all the travel junkies out there, we have good news for you. Ladakh is a city that comes with sprawling scenic beauty along with beautiful opportunities in terms of setting up a tourism business.  So maybe a cool cafe in the Leh market near the Shanti Stupa can be a great idea to cater to the needs of travelers all across the world. Leh-Ladakh is such a place which in recent times has caught many traveling fond eyes gazing and exploring this surreal city.

One can come up with things like- providing travel services, cabs, and trekking programs, etc. Not only this, here’s an inspiring story of a person who started auto services in this region and with no time it is thriving like anything because of its cheap rates and great accessibility, lending auto services proved to be a success here.

People take rented cycles too, so what is stopping you to start a cycle business in Leh or Ladakh. Good to go!

So here are infinite opportunities in terms of tourism. How about a holistic business that is into education and fitness.

Maybe a short term (depending on the season of course) yoga retreat, a fun functional training center and more will be welcomed with open arms. How about opening your own educational services. Opportunities sprawl where there is a dearth of it, so the education sector in Ladakh is still evolving, so why not set up a holistic business model of education here.


  • Noida:  The city comes full of opportunities no matter what the sector your forte lies in be it technology, financial, health, etc. So with great connectivity of metro, and because of its location that near to the capital city and more potential areas, for example, Ghaziabad and more where there is a unique option for factory establishment, Noida serves a great opportunity for you. The city is full of youth because of the availability of colleges and many training centers which makes it a place fit for so many youngsters that are ready to pour in some serious work for your business. So gathering a workforce for your business will be easy here. Due to its youthful vibe, a startup idea of a food chain be it generic or niche works here.


There are so many technically trained people, artistically sound youngsters who are ready to add value to your startup with their work.

So Noida in all the spheres is a great opportunity if you are looking to start your own setup.

Not only this, you can even come up with a holistic business model to curb major issues in the city like pollution, sewage problems, health problem and more.  With a developing city, these are some of the problems that can be solved.


  • Gurugram: So if you are someone looking for setting up a business model be it any type- retail, technology, health chain or whatnot, Gurugram provides immense opportunity and that too with a great value coming your way. This city has been ever-evolving with great connectivity to the capital city, metro accessibility, exponential development and availability of a strong skilled workforce and all the possible resources that you would demand to kick start.


With a fast-paced life in this metro city, people vouch for sanctity and peace or maybe some relaxation to rejuvenate. Opening a spa center, a café or a health chain will work progressively as nowadays people want to establish a healthy life and your idea will be the solution for it.

If you are a technologically sound person and wish to establish a business in this domain, then Gurugram is the right place because of its easy accessibility in all the verticle required to establish a business.


  • Goa: Let’s have a look in the western-southern part of India. So Goa comes with a fresh opportunity when someone thinks about setting up his/ her own startup.


The coastal accessibility makes it a great place for setting up a transportation business, seafood restaurant, tourism or any artistic studio, Goans will welcome it all. Also with so many foreigner tourists around coming up with an idea with has to do with creativity, culture, and textile and more will be appreciated like never before. You can set up a business of crafts and textile or maybe a small retreat and what not the prerequisite of the opportunities are taken care of, all you need is to take the first step.


  • Vishakapatnam:

How about the port city. The accessibility of port depicts the availability of potential in the transportation business. Vizag is known for its technologically developed workforce. This means collaboration or getting techie advice for your business setup will be easily accessible.


The basic requirement of starting any startup is well equipped in this city.

So what are you thinking, no matter what your favorite domain is, get started in these cities?