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Siemens partners with semiconductor giant Intel to collaborate on advanced semiconductor manufacturing

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Technology company Siemens AG has partnered with semiconductor giant Intel Corporation to collaborate on driving digitalization and sustainability of microelectronics manufacturing

According to the company's statement, the partnership will focus on advancing future manufacturing efforts, evolving factory operations and cybersecurity, and supporting a resilient global industry ecosystem.

“Semiconductors are the lifeblood of our modern economies. Few things run without chips. Therefore, we’re proud to collaborate with Intel to quickly advance semiconductor production. Siemens will bring its entire cutting-edge portfolio of IoT-enabled hardware and software and electrical equipment to this collaboration,” said Cedrik Neike, CEO of Digital Industries and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG. 

Addressing carbon footprints 


The company said the partnership identifies key collaboration areas to explore various initiatives, including optimizing energy management and addressing carbon footprints across the value chain. For instance, the companies will explore using “digital twins” of complex, highly capital-intensive manufacturing facilities to standardize solutions where every percentage of efficiency gained is meaningful.

Additionally, The partnership will explore minimizing energy use through advanced modelling of natural resources and environmental footprints across the value chain.

Exploring product and supply chain modelling solutions 

To gain more information on product-related emissions, Intel will explore product- and supply chain-related modelling solutions with Siemens that drive data-based insights and help the industry accelerate progress in reducing its collective footprint.

“The world needs a more globally balanced, sustainable and resilient semiconductor supply chain to meet the increasing demand for chips,” said Keyvan Esfarjani, executive vice president and chief global operations officer at Intel.

“We are excited to build upon Intel’s advanced manufacturing capabilities by expanding our collaboration with Siemens to explore new areas where we can utilize Siemens’ portfolio of automation solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability in semiconductor infrastructure, facilities and factory operations. This MoU will benefit regional and global industry value chains.”

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