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SLN Coffee appoints Sahib Singh as new CEO

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SLN Coffee appoints Sahib Singh as new CEO

SLN Coffee has appointed Sahib Singh as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Singh brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles at Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) and Unilever.

The company's leadership views Singh's industry knowledge and strategic vision as key assets to drive its flagship brand, Levista, into a new phase of growth.

Leadership comments

Sahib Singh expressed his enthusiasm for joining SLN Coffee, stating, "I am very excited to join SLN Coffee Group. Levista has already made significant strides in the market, and I am eager to build on this momentum. My aim is to drive SLN Coffee Group towards becoming a successful multinational corporation with world-class operations, capitalize on the brand's strengths, and explore new avenues for growth."


The directors of SLN Coffee, SLN Sathappan and SLN Vishwanath, jointly stated, "Mr. Singh's extensive industry knowledge, strategic vision, and leadership qualities make him the ideal choice to lead Levista into its next phase of growth." Their endorsement underscores the company's confidence in Singh's ability to steer SLN Coffee towards its ambitious goals.

SLN Coffee's market presence

SLN Coffee has a strong foothold in South India and is rapidly gaining popularity in international markets such as the Far East and the Middle East. With Sahib Singh at the helm, the startup aims to solidify its position and propel Levista to greater heights. 

SLN Coffee, which has been in the coffee business for almost 60 years, started as a coffee plantation purchased from the Rajah of Chettinad.

Over the years, it has expanded into green coffee trading and, since 2008, has been a leading manufacturer of instant coffee in India. The company has diversified into various sectors, including properties, plantations, and timber, while maintaining its core focus on coffee.

It claims to have a capacity of 50,000 metric tons per year and clients in over 50 countries.