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Snapchat parent Snap announces leadership appointments in India

Sumit Vishwakarma
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Snapchat strengthens India team with key leadership appointments

Snapchat strengthens India team with key leadership appointments

US-based social media company Snapchat is bolstering its leadership team in India, a crucial growth market, with strategic hires across various sectors, including Content, Partnerships, Augmented Reality, Growth, and Sales. 

The move is part of Snapchat’s efforts to double the size of its India team compared to last year, aiming to serve the growing community of Indian Snapchatters and emphasizing the company’s long-term commitment to the region.

Focusing on the Indian market 

India represents a significant opportunity for Snapchat due to its large and engaged user base.


The platform has seen rapid growth, reaching 200 million users, driven by its unique appeal to the Indian youth.

“Snapchat’s unique appeal to Gen Z lies in its authentic engagement with real friends and family. This appeal has fueled our rapid growth in India, demonstrating our strong resonance. India presents a unique and large opportunity for us to invest and grow," said Pulkit Trivedi, Managing Director of Snap Inc. – India.

Key new leaders joining Snapchat India

Several key leaders have joined Snapchat India to drive this expansion. Saket Jha Saurabh will be the Director of content, Partnerships, and augmented Reality.

With over two decades of experience, Saket has a strong background in digital media and has previously led Meta’s partnerships with creators and media companies. His role will focus on building Snap’s AR creator ecosystem and enhancing content creation and distribution.

Chirag Kohli, with a decade of experience at Amazon, joins as the Head of Growth. He will focus on user acquisition, engagement, and revenue expansion.

Other significant hires include Amit Ojha as India Agency Lead, Neha Jolly Sawhney as India Sales Head, and Yagnesh Ravi as Ads Solutions Lead.

Enhancing growth and operations in India

These strategic hires are expected to significantly enhance Snapchat’s growth and operations in India.

Amit Ojha, Neha Jolly Sawhney, and Yagnesh Ravi will drive revenue growth through strategic relationships and impactful campaigns. Their combined experience in sales strategy and digital advertising is anticipated to boost Snapchat’s market presence and advertiser engagement.

Additionally, Uthara Ganesh, Head of Public Policy for India and South Asia, will lead efforts to build trust with the Government of India. Her previous experience at Amazon Web Services and in public policy roles will be crucial in navigating regulatory landscapes.

Rashmi Dastidar, Head of Integrity and Compliance for APAC and EMEA, will enhance Snap’s risk and compliance practices, leveraging her extensive background in risk management.

The newly appointed leaders will play a crucial role in shaping Snapchat’s future in India. Lekshmi Geetha, Head of People for India, and Poonam Nikam, Head Communications for India, Singapore & Japan, bring valuable experience from their roles at Netflix, Disney, TikTok, Sony Music, and Bharti Airtel.

Their expertise in people management and communications will be pivotal in driving organizational success and enhancing brand visibility.