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Space startup Skyroot unveils Vikram-1 rocket, set to launch satellites next year

Jaya Vishwakarma
24 Oct 2023
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Spacetech startup Skyroot Aerospace has introduced its indigenously developed Vikram-1 rocket, which is slated to transport satellites to low earth orbit in the early part of next year.

The multi-stage launch vehicle boasts the capability to carry approximately 300 kg payloads into Low Earth Orbit. Notably, Vikram-1 is an all-carbon-fibre-bodied rocket equipped with 3D-printed liquid engines, allowing it to place multiple satellites into orbit.

Inauguration of 'The MAX-Q Campus

Alongside the rocket's unveiling, Science and technology minister Jitendra Singh inaugurated 'The MAX-Q Campus', Skyroot's new headquarters located at the GMR Aerospace and Industrial Park in South Hyderabad.

Spanning 60,000 sq ft, this facility is recognized as India's most expansive private rocket development center under a single roof.

Skyroot's vision and previous achievements

Scheduled for launch in early 2024, Vikram-I will be the second rocket from Skyroot, following the successful launch of Vikram-S on November 18 of the previous year.

Pawan Chandana, co-founder and CEO of Skyroot Aerospace, remarked on the significance of their new headquarters, "Every rocket, during its travel to space, has to push through a point of maximum stress called 'Max-Q'. Our MAX-Q headquarters serves as a powerful symbol of our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and accomplishing the extraordinary, all in pursuit of our mission to Open Space For All."

India's space sector evolution

Highlighting the transformation of India's space sector, Jitendra Singh said, "Skyroot is not only an example of India's superlative talent and scientific acumen but it also has a message for all of us that a huge potential was lying dormant for several decades before Prime Minister Narendra Modi came and broke the taboos of the past and opened India's space sector for public-private partnership (PPP)."

Anticipation for the upcoming launch

The simultaneous unveiling of the Vikram-1 space launch vehicle and the inauguration of the company's new headquarters marks a significant milestone for Skyroot.

Bharath Daka, co-founder and COO of Skyroot, expressed his pride in their achievements, emphasizing their home-grown technology and design expertise that went into the creation of Vikram-1.

He added, "As we eagerly prepare for the early 2024 launch, we will keep sharing further updates on the orbital mission with Vikram-1."

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