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Spacetech startup Digantara chosen for Australia-backed debris management project

Sumit Vishwakarma
New Update
Digantara chosen for Australia-backed debris management project 

Spacetech startup Digantara, known for its expertise in space situational awareness (SSA), has been selected to participate in a prominent joint industry space mission named Mission for Australia-India's Technology, Research and Innovation (Maitri).

This mission, led by Space Machines Company, is supported by a significant grant of over AUD $8.5 million (approximately Rs 46 crore) from the Australian Space Agency under the International Space Investment (ISI) India Projects programme.

Key partners and technology integration

Digantara is the primary partner from the SSA technology category, collaborating with Hyderabad-based Ananth Technologies, which provides engineering support and cleanroom facilities for integration and testing. 


The mission aims to showcase advancements in space debris management using an Australian-built Orbital Servicing Vehicle launched via an Indian launcher.

Digantara's proprietary optical sensor technology will be integrated onto this vehicle, enhancing the monitoring of Resident Space Objects (RSOs) in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), which is crucial for improving space traffic management and debris monitoring.

Leadership comments

Rajat Kulshrestha, CEO of Space Machines Company, emphasized the collaborative nature of the mission, stating, "By integrating Digantara’s cutting-edge optical sensor technology onto our platform, we will significantly enhance our capability to monitor and track resident space objects in low earth orbit. Through collaborations like this, we are not only leveraging the best technologies from both nations but also strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Australia and India in the space domain."

Strategic impact and future plans

The collaboration marks a significant step towards establishing a sustainable space environment and advancing space debris management technology.

Digantara, supported by Peak XV Partners, aims to deploy a total of 40 satellites, complemented by its Space-Mission Assurance Platform (Space-MAP), which utilizes a multi-modal data pool to provide comprehensive datasets and orbital insights.