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Swiggy delivery boy caught stealing shoes kept outside a flat, Netizens says 'New fear unlocked'

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Swiggy delivery boy caught stealing shoes kept outside a flat

Recently, a video went viral on X, showing what's claimed to be CCTV footage of a Swiggy Instamart delivery person nabbing shoes right from the customer's doorstep.

An X user named Rohit Arora shared an incident that occurred at a flat in Gurugram on April 9, 2024, stating, "Swiggy's drop and PICK up service. A delivery boy just took my friend's shoes (Nike), and they won't even share his contact."

A viral video showed a delivery agent walking up to the door with a grocery package. He rang the bell and waited for the consumer to open the door. In the meantime, he observed his surroundings and looked downwards at the three pairs of footwear kept outside of the home.


In a minute, someone opens the door and takes the package from the agent. Thereafter, he uses his mobile device for a few seconds and walks away from the door. Then he unwraps the cloth on his head and wipes his face. He walks down a few stairs and a second later carefully returns to pick up the shoes outside the flat, covers them with the clothes and moves away.

What did Swiggy say?

In response to the viral video, which has received over 870,000 views so far, Swiggy wrote, "Hey Rohit, we expect better from our delivery partners. Do meet us on DM, so we can assist you better. - Nish."

Rohit Arora contacted the company and reported his complaint. However, Swiggy support wrote that they couldn't track their rider and he should contact their legal team and file a police complaint.

"Swiggy support called and just said they can't track their rider. We need to contact their legal team or file a police complaint. At this point its not about shoes its about safety. The rider was let into the house for delivering goods. Now we all have to think about doing it," Arora wrote.

Netizens reaction

The video has garnered mixed reactions from netizens. Some blame the company, while others blame the customer for leaving the shoes at the doorstep.

"New fear unlocked. Cost of camera recovered in 1 video," a user wrote.

"SwiggyCares, as a customer, I would like to know what actions you plan on taking in this situation!" another wrote.

"Jinko shoes bahar rakhne ka aadat hai … must learn a lesson," a third wrote.